Friends of Wolfhall

Aims and Objectives

  1.  To support the Bruce-Binney family at Wolfhall as the 32nd generation of their family to own the property, providing guidance and advice to enable them to introduce a visitor destination at Wolfhall and so a means of raising income through visitor attractions and events in order to restore this historic property, and preserve it for future generations.
  2.  To provide an Annual Wolfhall Lecture/Concert for friends and supporters.
  3.  To promote and assist with the public understanding of the heritage and history of the Medieval Wolfhall, within the context of its former deerpark and the Savernake Forest
  4.  To help maintain the site as necessary and address any issues, in conjunction with the site owner – the Bruce Binney family and public bodies.
  5.  To recruit, train and develop the skills of all members of the Friends.
  6.  To provide a meeting point both professionally and socially for the furtherance of the above aims and objectives.

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