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Wolfhall Manor
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Nr Marlborough

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Our office hours are between 9am and 5pm Monday to Friday – call Dee on 07886 270235


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Wolfhall Manor, although a listed building and of great historical importance, is privately owned and occupied therefore not currently open to the public.  We do, however, open the grounds and gardens on specific advertised dates each year and these will be advertised on our Events page.

If you are a ‘Friend of Wolfhall’ it does not allow anytime access to the grounds.  ‘Friends’ will be invited to attend specially organised events by email and these will also be advertised in the ‘Friends of Wolfhall’ quarterly newsletters.

Visiting on non-event days

We can organise visits for private groups at a cost of £10 per person to include light refreshments.  These must be pre-arranged as we need to ensure we have a ‘Grounds and Gardens’ guide available to greet you and escort you as on occasion there are open archaeology trenches and other areas where care is required.  Although we are a ‘work in progress’ there is still plenty to see!  There is no access inside the Manor.

We also receive lots of requests for individuals to visit Wolfhall which is fantastic but we need to keep it manageable.  If you would like to attend a ‘Grounds and Gardens’ tour please get in touch and we will add you to the waiting list.  Once we have sufficient numbers to offer a tour we’ll get back in touch with dates.  Cost as above.

To arrange a ‘Grounds and Gardens’ tour please contact:

Wolfhall can be viewed from the road which is public accessible land.  Please respect our rights as the owners of Wolfhall and do not attempt to gain access to our private land in order to view other aspects of the building unless you have permission from us to do so, we are sure you understand – thank you.