A Tudor Adventure in Three Parts:

Excavation – Celebration!

The Real Wolfhall

At the edge of Wiltshire’s ancient Savernake forest lies a house steeped in Royal history.  Shrouded in mystery and lost to the mists of time, Wolfhall stands, a testimony to the rise and fall of the Seymour family, so crucial to the heart of the Tudor monarchy and the history of England itself.

Thanks to a best-selling novel and award-winning television series of the same name, Wolfhall is once again synonymous with the romance of the court of Henry VIII and his marriage to Jane Seymour, arguably the love of his life and mother of his long-awaited son and heir.

Originally the dwelling of the warden of Henry’s favourite hunting forest, Savernake, Wolfhall rose to grandeur along with the power and influence of the Seymour family.  Its chequered history is as fascinating as the amalgamation of architectural styles, from its clearly visible original Tudor great hall to its later genteel Georgian and Victorian additions.

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Wolfhall location